Silvery Crow Chapters 1-16 [Natural Log]

A curry loving, unskilled thief, a voluptuous thief lock picker, and Demon Stones?! What else could you possibly want?

Oh gee, I wonder where they got the name Silvery Crow from...

Oh gee, I wonder where they got the name Silvery Crow from...

Natural Log here, posting my first blog as of yet. Like Cream Puff, I will only blog when I find the time to, and most likely I’ll blog chapters in bulk (like say, every 3 chapters).

Moving on. This series is by the author of Samurai Deeper Kyo and Code: Breaker, Kamijyo Akimine
The story starts in a little world called–well, it has no name. The land was ravaged by war and destruction (hmm…where haven’t I heard that?), and the King entered a contract with the Demon Lord, who then created the Demon Stone. The Demon Stone restored peace and prosperity, but after the King died, lo and behold, the Demon Stone broke into 13 pieces, and the world was thrown into chaos once again.

After this epic one page prologue with a total of 4 panels (yes, they want you to imagine the scenes yourself), and a ton of writing, the story begins.

At first glance, John Elegadine is just some funky looking guy with a bandaged arm, and susceptible to being pick pocketed. He loves curry and can eat huge amounts of it, like every other hero.

That's a lot of dish washing

That's a lot of dish washing.

Then there’s Lu Larue, the voluptuous lock picker, who wants to Demon Stone because it can grant any of her wishes.

In a random series of events involving Lu’s failed pickpocketing of an obese officer, John finding the wallet, and a short squabble, Lu enlists John to help her acquire the demon stone. It turns out, John is also after the Demon Stone, because he wants to turn human, having had the Demon Lord’s soul sealed in him as an infant. It is later revealed that Lu is the descendant of the King, and is able to alter the terms of contract with the Demon Lord with a ritual involving a kiss and being attached to John’s right arm. (Does that mean the King had to kiss the Demon Lord?!) The story continues with John and Lu’s quest to seek out and reunite the pieces of the Demon Stone, with a few minor discrepancies.

The drawing style is fairly decent, the hero seems like a nice guy, and the heroine is alright… That is, until you get to the first major battle. At this point, anyone who has ever been a fan of 666 Satan would start flaming about how Akimine has totally taken Kishimoto’s ideas. And they would be right.

John is the ‘vessel’ of the Demon Lord’s soul. Jio, the main character of 666 Satan, housed Satan. John’s right arm has the ability to morph into one of the Demon Lord’s characteristics, while Jio’s left arm holds Satan’s powers. Both of them, like Naruto, were christened monsters during their childhood.

Even the heroines are similar. Lu is a princess with the power to control John’s Demon Lord soul, Lucy is an angel who holds the key to Jio’s sanity. Power to the women eh? In fact, if you combine their names, it becomes Lucy Lu! ha..ha.. okay that was lame. And yes, I know it’s spelled Liu. But seriously, the similarities between the two killed it for me, as 666 Satan definitely was the predecessor. Even the main characters have names that start with the same letter. John and Jio, Lu and Lucy. Wow.

Despite this, the plot is still interesting, with the “unite all the Demon Stones and grant your wish” goal (DragonballZ much?). Every good shounen has to have some sort of “friends forever” and “never give up” theme right? It just never gets old (or so the mangaka think).

Being the critical person I am, I give this manga a 6.5/10. Hopefully it’ll blossom into something more original in the future.

-LN 😀
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