Soul Eater Chapters 1-51 [Cream Puff]

Great humor, friggin’ sweet characters, enough romance to fill me with fangirly joy, AND a good amount of action.  This manga is definitely on my top 10.

I have a feeling this will be a hard one to write, I have Miley Cyrus stuck in my head.

Hmm, well to start off, this manga gave me so many laugh attacks I can’t count them all. It’s anime adaption is probably just as funny, I suggest you check that out if you haven’t already.

Alright, so our story is set in the Shinigami technical school for weapon meisters/technicians, also known as ‘Shibusen’.  Weapon meisters wield demon weapons (er, pretty much humans who can turn into weapons at will). Students are educated and given supplementary lessons for training. The existence of Shibusen is so the ‘kiishin’ (evil demon gods) can not be reawakened (or reborn, either works for me).  The goal of the students at Shibusen is to get 99 evil human souls and 1 witch’s soul for the demon weapon to eat, so that the weapon can become more powerful and eventually be used by the Shinigami/God of Death (headmaster of Shibusen). Shibusen is located in Death City, of Nevada.

For characters we have, the keener Maka Albarn (meister) paired with the cool Soul Eater Evans (weapon).  Maka’s father is the Shinigami’s current Death Scythe.  Soul Eater takes the form of a giant red/black/silver scythe. In the beginning of the manga, Maka and Soul have obtained 99 human souls, but their count gets reset as they accidently get a witch cat’s soul instead of a REAL witch’s. I’m a Maka/Soul fangirl, please don’t blame me if I end up sounding obsessive or something in the upcoming reviews. (The witch below is the cat)

Maka, Soul, and the witch cat Blaire.

The next pair introduced are the self centered Black Star who thinks he’s king of the world… er or god. He is the kind hearted (and ‘busty’) Tsubaki’s meister who is willing to put up with his… Black Starness. Tsubaki can turn into various ninja weapons. This pair’s first appearance is while they’re on a supplementary lesson and their objective is to kill a baby witch (she’s so cute). Black Star is determined to get atleast one soul, unfortunately he always gets caught up in winning battles and becomes careless. This witch has a very strong samurai-like bodyguard who gives the pair some life advice (or something?) after he defeats them.

Next up we have Death the Kidd, and Liz and Patty Thompson. Death the Kidd is the son of Shinigami, and has obsessive compulsive disorder. He is obsessed with everything being perfectly symmetrical. If there is anything even relatively out of symmetry he spazzes out and becomes depressed. Liz and Patty are sisters who grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, and become Kidd’s weapons once he finds them. The two both turn into (matching) pistols.

Franken Steine appears to be an enemy at first, but then becomes a teacher at Shibusen and appears to have been Maka’s father’s first meister. He’s very smart when it comes to soul wavelengths (which I’m not going into because you should read it). He’s very powerful and he took on Black Star sitting down.

The first real enemy who appears is witch Medusa. She’s very strong and her magic is in the form of snakes.  She controls other people by putting snakes into their bodies. She plans to set the Kishin free.

PAPA IS THE BEST. As much as he LOOKS like a jerk, a lady’s man who flirts with every girl he sees, he isn’t. He loves Maka and Kami (Maka’s mother) very much. Papa’s goofiness is extremely entertaining, he’s always going on about how much he loves Maka and ‘Mama’, despite the fact Kami divorced him for flirting too much. He’s very faithful to them aside from the flirting. PAPA’S NO JERK >_<. That was all for you LN.

I could go on, but then I’d be too far gone and no one could stop me. This review would never be published!

The characters of this manga are kick ass, and its humor is genius. It’s insanely amusing. I gave this one a 9/10. I’ll blog the upcoming chapters and eventually the anime when I catch up on it. SOULXMAKA IS WIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNN.

Cream Puff loves Papa!
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