Soul Eater Chapter 52 [Cream Puff]

Alrite, so I know I haven’t actually blogged the recent chapters, but I figured here’d be a good place to start blogging as they come out.

Our Shibusen + Medusa team is infiltrating Baba Yaga’s castle. Free screws up and meets Kidd at tower 8, when he was supposed to be destroying tower 2. This chapter gave me a new respect for free.  Mosquito (Arachne’s servant with the giant nose) finds the two, thus, ass-kicking ensues.

Mosquito whips out his form from 100 years ago and the battle begins.  Mosquito didn’t expect Free to be able to use magic, so this catches him off guard a bit and he goes back to 200 years. His 200 year old form is kinda gross, kinda lives up to the name Mosquito though.

Kidd and Free continue to kick his ass. Free ends up encaging him in ice and using ‘demon eye cannon’, while Kidd, Liz and Patty use their death cannon. Mosquito gets pretty torn up, but still stays alive. Also, there are like 7 eyes in his eye socket for some reason?

At Arachne’s lair, some servent is telling ‘Eibon-sama’ about how some invaders infiltrated, but it’s okay since Arachne’s magic has reached its final stage.

Back with Kidd and Free, Mosquito’s soul wavelength appears to be ‘swelling enourmously’. Mosquito goes back 400 years. Shit how old is this guy?! I ofcourse expected it to be some giant monstrous can’t-fit-a-page type of thing, but nooo, he’s like young, handsome, and kinda looks like a vampire. He tells them to try and last for atleast 4 seconds.  Yes, they DO get the shit kicked out of them. Mosquito turns into bats (??) and somehow cuts Free in half, and cuts off Kidd’s arm.

So that’s the end of that one. I actually found this one really interesting, way more interesting than the brew battle which had me half asleep.  This Eibon person looks kind of interesting as well, hmm. That’s it for today I guess, so hopefully I’ll be out with the next chapter as soon as it comes out.

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