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Vampire Knight Chapter 43 [Natural Log]

There was no Vampire Knight last month, but was this month’s newest chapter enough to satiate?


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Soul Eater Chapter 53 [Cream Puff]

This chapter ends the battle between Kidd, Free and Mosquito.

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7 Genme wa Himitsu Vol. 1 [Cream Puff]

It has been 3 months since Shun has transferred into an unnamed school. 3 months since she has began to fit in, but she’s lonely. Can her young teacher, Jun-chan teach her that she doesn’t need to pretend to be someone else to fit in? Continue reading ‘7 Genme wa Himitsu Vol. 1 [Cream Puff]’

Akagami no Shirayukihime Chapter 5 [Natural Log]

Poor Mitsuhide

The tale of Shirayuki continues…
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Double Arts Chapters 1-23 [Natural Log]

In a world where the mysterious disease “Troy” is rampant, Sisters are sent out to treat these patients. However, there is no cure, only life prolonging treatment… One sister, Elraine stumbles upon an ordinary boy who is unaffected by this disease.

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Note about Volumes and Chapters

Just a random little blurb. If the title of the post contains Chapter, then we got it off of a manga-viewing website or download. If it’s listed as Volume, then we read it from the actual translated graphic novel. 🙂 Hope you enjoy reading our posts, and please…leave comments 😦

One Piece Chapter 514 [Natural Log]

whoa mushroom monster

It’s a mushroom monster!! Is this what happens to everyone who gets touched by Bartholomew Kuma???
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