Psyren Chapters 1-2 [Natural Log]

A game in another world where winning takes you home and losing equals death? Sounds like the Green Island Arc in HunterxHunter! Should be interesting
I've decided that the one on the far left is a shemale.

So it’s Labor day for us in the US of A, and so I figure, what the heck, why not procrastinate more on my upcoming APUSH Debate and APENG Assignments. Bored as I was, I decide to explore the drop down list of OneManga starting from the bottom up. Nothing.

The recently updated list yielded far better results, leading me to something that I’ve noticed for a while, but never really took the time to explore: Psyren.

The story (as of 2 chapters) revolves around high-schooler Ageha Yoshina and his antics. He lives with his older sister and working father, as his mother is deceased. For a price of 10 thousand yen, he’ll solve your probems. However, this is just an excuse to run wild. Ageha doesn’t care for the future, or the present for that matter. He seems to have 2 lackeys that help him in his business, but they don’t seem important anyways.

There’s another character, (a girl obviously) by the name of Sakurako Amamiya. Apparently when they were younger, Sakurako and Ageha were friends. Once optimistic and outgoing, Sakurako cheered up Ageha when his mother passed away. However, since they entered high school, Sakurako became known as the ‘Ice Queen,’ anti-social and bibliophilic.

As Ageha is walking home one night, a pay phone starts ringing. He picks it up to hear the sound of his own voice and a freaky looking monster thing. After which he receives a red Psyren calling card.

If that were me, I think I would have died just then

It turns out that Sakurako also possessed a calling card, but as he was about to confront her about it, she disappeared saying ‘Save me.’ Investigation, Ageha figures that Psyren is supposedly a secret society and people have been disappearing from it. There are many occult fanatics trying to uncover the mystery. Anyone with an unused calling card could sell it 5 million yen (5 million for the card, 500 million to solve the mystery). He decides to use it to save Sakurako, because that’s what good friends do.

After a 63 question questionnaire, getting into an argument with the phone, and being pursued by some freaks who tap phone lines, Ageha gets teleported into Psyren.

Psyren at first, seems like a barren waste land. However, Ageha soon witnesses a guy getting devoured by a giant centipede, and is almost eaten himself. Sakurako appears in the nick of time with a sword and slays the monster. They have a touching reunion.


Unfortunately, this manga isn’t categorized under Shojou or Josei, and therefore, no lovey dovey stuff. She just has a fever.

The land of Psyren is apparently a game, and winning means a ticket back home. The starting point is at a pay phone, where Ageha meets Hiryuu Asaga (second from the right in the first picture) and some other people, most of whom came for the reward money. The pay phone starts ringing, and all hell breaks loose. And that’s about where the 2nd chapter ends.

So far, the whole island-game-win-and-you-get-to-go-home-lose-and-you-die thing seems pretty similar to the Greed’s Island arc of HunterxHunter as well as the game The World Ends with You. I haven’t gotten too far into the plot yet, since it’s only been the first 2 chapters, and the sleep deprivation/starvation is starting to get to me. With that being said, I’ll leave this one unrated for now, and will keep posted when I’ve caught up to the current chapters.

My microwaved hot pockets are calling for me…

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