Nurarihyon no Mago Chapters 1-24 [Natural Log]

Inuyasha without the constant moaning about the ex-girlfriend? At first glance, I thought, “Oh, it’s just another series that’s not good/popular enough to have an English name.” Wrong!


After seeing the front cover, I felt my heart beat faster, the way it does whenever I find a new interesting manga series. I quickly clicked on the link to find this:

This was definitely NOT the guy from the front cover. Atleast he’s cute.

Anyhow, the main character, Rikuo (little kid above), is the 13 year old grandson and heir of the Nurarihyon, Supreme Commander of all Youkai. Rikuo himself is only 1/4 youkai, and vehemently refuses to step up to the plate as the 3rd Nurarihyon. He views youkai as evil doing, rotten, and love ruining the lives of humans. This in part is triggered by the bad habits of his grandfather, who likes to sneak into other people’s houses, eat their food, and run.
Is that a queen ant on the back of his head?!?

As a child, Rikuo used to adore his grandfather and his mischievous ways. However, at school he proclaimed to everyone that he was the grandson of the Nurarihyon, and teased. Later on, a menacing youkai, wishing to kill Rikuo, trapped the bus that Rikuo rode to school in. Rikuo was not on the bus, but his friends (and bullies) were. In rage, he transformed for the first time. As I’m too lazy to edit a picture from the manga (so many speech bubbles), my photobucket account is full, and I’m too lazy to code, you can scroll up to see what he looked like. He saved his friends.

He lives in a house full of youkai attendants, and can only stay in his awakened form for a quarter of the day. After that, he turns back into a human and usually forgets about the events that occurred during the night.

Later in middle school, he ends up meeting his former bullies to find that they are now youkai fanatics. He and his attendant Yuki Onna (ingonito) are forcefully enrolled in their Kiso Cross Squad. What does it stands for? I have no idea. Among them is an onmyouji (youkai exorcist), so naturally nobody knows that Rikuo is a quarter youkai.

Like every manga, Rikuo has to have a leading lady. This happens to be Kana, a childhood friend and neighbor.
Is that a queen ant on the back of his head?!?
Ironically, Kana is terrified of youkai and anything youkai related.

Despite being a new series, I find it intriguing. It’s one of those series that you wished would never end, which is unfortunate since there are currently only 24 translated chapters. The drawing style is fantastic (can you say kawaii?) and every other person is a bishie ♥

Of course, the plot isn’t as simple and bland as I’ve made it, but I won’t spoil anymore, because I want you to go read it.

And for the long run, how does this:
looks like a stuffed animal
Have sons that look like this:

Oh well. This manga has definitely made it onto my list of must-reads. 10/10
Click if you think I'm cute! Click if you think I'm cute! Click if you think I'm cute!


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