Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter 25 [Natural Log]

Ehh… More people have come to take Rikuo’s land? It’ll just be the same old same old, right?

Honestly, when I read this, I forgot where I’d left off and had to read chapter 24 again…Up until now, Rikuo’s been easily dominating all the would-be usurpers with his youkai form.

This time, it seems a little different. Instead of having a single attacker, there seems to be 8. Even Rikuo’s grandpa seems worried and sets off on a journey to find the root of it all.

Most of this chapter is just Tsurara confronting Rikuo, and Kana and Tsurara having a girl-girl chat. Bad guy appears as if to state a challenge, and leaves. There’s not much more to this chapter. On the credit’s page, Niphredil has saved us from having to look up every youkai to see what they are, so it can be assumed that this will be the beginning of a new arc.

I was beginning to get bored of the constant string of wins that Rikuo has. Some losses will be interesting. After all, losing only makes people stronger right? Maybe fighting with a strong opponent will make Rikuo man-up. Then maybe he’ll finally confess to Kana. Or something.

In the end, this chapter’s just setting the stage. It’s not really a vital part, the ensuing chapters will really reveal what’s going on.

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