Silvery Crow Chapter 17 [Natural Log]


Well, remember when I said John really likes curry? There’s a little story behind that…

One thing I neglected to point out previously, which is probably something really important…: There’s a major bad guy.

You see, as a child, John wasn’t completely alone, he had Kuroi and their little gang of thieves. Kuroi, was John’s mentor, and took him in as a child. Due to their curry eating habits, John is psychologically imprinted with the love of curry; reminiscent of his happier days.

However, here comes along Fukurou. Fukurou’s first appearance in Silvery Crow is actually somewhere around chapters 2-3, when our hero and Lu encounter their first demon stone. John and Fukurou have a somewhat strained relationship. Or rather, John hates his guts. Prior to meeting Lu, Fukurou had killed Kuroi. After coming across their first Demon Stone, Fukurou stole it (boo you party pooper).

Anyhow, in this chapter, John and some unimportant character named Little Mouse are reconciling, when BAM Little Mouse is skewered upon a giant sword. The culprit: Fukurou. With his dying breaths, Little Mouse summons all his powers, launches them at Fukurou and– Fukurou escapes unscathed.

Infuriated, John and Fukurou exchange a flurry of hits, which look like a bunch of scribbles, and is one of those scenes where you’re thinking, “What’s going on?” or “It’s too dark to see anything,” like most action movies do in order to cover for their stunt doubles when they don’t want you to figure it out. In the end, John is beaten down like a bad puppy.

After his obvious win, Fukurou announces his true motives: To unleash the Demon Lord’s Soul from within John, and use it to reshape the world to his desire. Lu retaliates with some sayings that are so cliche, that just saying it’s cliche is a cliche.

To make things worse, it is also revealed that the only Demon Stone that the ominously evil evildoer doesn’t have is the one that John ate. Pity.


I previously thought that this series would be one of those 100+ chapter series with an incredibly drawn out journey of finding the Demon Stones. So drawn out, that I’d forget to check for the name on the updated list, and eventually forget about it. However, this is clearly not the case. It seems that the first (and last) major scuffle in this series comes only 17 chapters in. John and Lu have only established their connection for what…2 days?

Oh well. It’ll be interesting to see how this story will end up. There are only really 2 ways for this to end. Humiliating defeat ending with a miserable world, or a sudden explosion of hidden power unbeknown to the protagonists.

If this were a completed series, it’s probably one of the ones where I would just skip to the last chapter.


And by the way, anyone hoping for JohnxLu, go read another manga. I highly doubt it’s going to happen anytime soon. And if it does, that would be one pitiful couple. Sorry to rain on your parade.

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