Beauty Pop Vol. 1-8 [Cream Puff]

While the three members of the popular “Scissors Project” are known for giving elaborate makeovers to already-beautiful, hand-picked girls at school, they soon find a rival, Kiri Koshiba, who is willing to give makeovers to anyone, in order to brighten their lives and make them happier with their appearance. (stolen from wiki)

Beauty Pop is one of the only manga I’m actually dedicated to buying, so aside from this post, all of the other pictures here will be scanned by me.

Kiri Koshiba (also known as Mussy Head) is a very absent minded girl who is the definition of ‘cool as a cucumber’. She is an amazing hairstylist who will help any girl who has confidence or hair problems by giving them ‘a little magic’. She has had no intentions of pursuing a career as a hair stylist since she accidently cut her Mother’s ear while giving her a haircut. She was mentally scarred and it took awhile for her to even be able to pick up a pair of scissors again.

The Scissor Project (or ‘SP’) are a group of teenage boys with the dream of creating the best beauty salon in Japan.  The SP consists of 3 boys (but soon expands to a team of six) who are all exceptionally skilled beauticians.

Narumi Shogo (or NaruNaru) is a prince like bishounen who thinks he is the #1 hair stylist (and is until Kiri comes along), and has a very short temper (especially when it comes to Kiri xD). Deep down he has a kind heart, and he is a hard worker when it comes to hair styling. The Narumi family owns Japans #1 hair salon, ‘Salon de Narumi’. Narumi is the club leader.

Ochiai Kazuhiko manages the clubs funds, promotions, members and he is the makeup artist of the group. He is very intelligent and his family owns a makeup company. He ends up falling in love with Kiri without knowing it, and when he ‘accidently’ takes a picture of her with his phone he begins to realise… but no, I highly doubt the pairing will be OchiaixKiri.

Minami Kei is the Nail Artist of the SP. It’s said that if Kei does your nails with a love charm, your love with most definately accept your feeling (unless he spells it wrong xD;). Kei is the announcer for all the SP events. He loves to eat sweets and junk food, and not too much is known about him other than that.

The Scissors Project hand picks certain girls at their school to makeover. They give the girl a haircut, Manicure/Nail Art and makeup.

Pretty soon the SP starts to see Kiri (who they know as ‘X’) as a rival. Kiri is soon pulled back into the world of hair styling over a series of events that somehow leads her to join the SP.

The SP expands to 6 people; Kiri, NaruNaru, Kei, Ochiai, and 2 of Kiri’s childhood friends, Seki Kenichiro, and Minamoto Iori.  The SP comes over a number of challenges, and in the more recent chapters are being targeted by NaruNaru’s own father.

So does any of this sound familiar?

Can you say Ouran? Here are my comparisons.

Kiri vs Haruhi: Both of them are pretty absentminded and ‘whatever’. These two were both dragged into their clubs against their will (kind of). These two also both fall for their prince types.

NaruNaru vs Tamaki: Both of them are blonde, princelike types who are the heads/leaders/kings of their respective clubs.

Ochiai vs Kyouya: Both of them are ‘shadow kings’. The ones who make the clubs run smoothly. Their looks are EXTREMELY similar aswell. The part that lacks, however, are Ochiai’s feelings for Kiri. Kyouya does not seem to possess any romantic feelings for Haruhi period.

Kei vs Hunny: Well, both of them are energetic, both of them love sweets/junkfood, both of them are adorable.

Seki vs Mori: Um, aside from the similar names (o_O woah), these two are both very protective of their friends, they look alike, and they’re both quiet characters.

I also found Iori and Tamaki were alike, but other than that I couldn’t find a character too much like him.

The SP vs The Host club: Both clubs are dedicated to making girls happy. Both of them are pretty reverse harem aswell, considering the girls who seem to have members falling for them left and right. Both groups are ‘soldiers of justice’ (lulz sailor moon reference).

Also, in the more recent chapters of Ouran, Tamaki’s grandmother seems to be targetting the host club (more or less), and in BP NaruNaru’s father is trying to break the SP up. Both manga are also around the same point aswell, so it will be interesting to see how the two turn out.

Overall, this is a great manga. I highly suggest you read it, especially if you liked Ouran. Yes, the similarities are uncanny, but the story overall is different.

In case you were wondering, I’m 99% positive the pairing will be NaruNaruxKiri.

10/10 from CP.
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