Bleach Chapter 325 [Natural Log]

hehe bishie
Squeee~ The debut of the totally awesome Lieutenant, Hisagi Shuuhei.

For a couple chapters now, the battles have been focusing on the Shinigami protecting the 4 pillars. First was narcissistic Ayasegawa, then poker-faced Kira, and now, Hisagi.

This is actually the second chapter of the battle, and Hisagi has finally revealed his zanpakuto, after being beat around like a tennis ball by the Arrancar Findol Carias. They exchange blows, and the difference is apparent.

Findol Carias is at first, unable to comprehend why Hisagi is so much more powerful. The answer is simple: Only one who is afraid of his sword is able to wield. I would be afraid too. Who wouldn’t be afraid of a double-bladed, double-ended scythe-chain? You could cut your head off swinging it! For some reason… Hisagi seems to be able to fly when spinning his Zanpakuto, Kazeshini.
that is one scary looking weapon

Everything seems well enough, and so far the Shinigami are triumphing until–Madarame falls. Boo Baldy. Oh well. All’s fair in love and war. If everyone kept winning, it’d be one boring manga.

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