Double Arts Chapters 1-23 [Natural Log]

In a world where the mysterious disease “Troy” is rampant, Sisters are sent out to treat these patients. However, there is no cure, only life prolonging treatment… One sister, Elraine stumbles upon an ordinary boy who is unaffected by this disease.


Troy, also called the Vanishing Disease, is transmitted through skin-skin contact. Once within the body, it induces the creation of toxins. Eventually, the body becomes unable to cope and seizures. The individual then vanishes, leaving behind only their clothing.

Although there is no cure, Sisters are special females who possess a high resistance to Troy. By touching a patient, they are able to absorb the toxins and prolong the patient’s life. There’s a catch: Sisters also have Troy, and by treating the patients, are only shortening their own life span. If a Sister continues treating patients, she will eventually die.

Here’s where our protagonists come in. One day, after treating a patient with Troy, Elraine Figarette goes into a seizure. At 16, her body can no longer take the toxins, and she begins to disappear. Just as she is about to collapse, a boy catches her and…slaps her face a couple times… (is that how you treat a dying person?!) But it works. Her seizure stops. As soon as Elraine lets go of him, her seizure begins again. Upon this realization, Elraine drags him along with her to the nearest telephone to report to her superior.

Her superior comes up with an ultimatum; hold his hand forever and you won’t die. It doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping, bathing, or using the toilet. Hold hands. And thus, the story begins.

Elraine (Elle) Figarette has an immensely high resistance to Troy. At the age of 8, She became a certified Sister. While most Sisters are only capable of treating hundreds of patients, Elle has treated thousands. She has become known as the “White Fairy,” and is well known by other members of the Church. Cheery and innocent, Elle works for the greater good of others. At times, she becomes downcast when met with others of similar fates.

The boy, Kili Luchile, is an “ordinary boy” (according to himself). Yeah right. He possesses amazing artistic abilities in various different areas: drawing, cooking, sewing, clothing design, carpentry, etc. When in physical contact with others (skin-skin) he is able to boost their vitality, speed, and strength. (somehow this makes him immune to Troy) This ability is called “Flare.” Personality-wise, Kili is a very nonchalant and indifferent person. He pursues only what he thinks is fun, and has no real passion, that is until he met Elle.

Kili and Elle must make it to the Church’s main headquarters, so that Kili can be analyzed so that a possible cure can be derived. Along the way, they meet the bad guys, Gazelles, Kili’s monstrously strong childhood friend/ex-girlfriend Sui, a couple other sisters, an alcoholic fortune teller with various aliases, and a martial arts master Fallan Denzell.

The sisters only serve to further characterize Elle, and the fortune teller to Fallan.

The Gazelles, are revealed to be a group of assassins who oppose the Church. Reason? Unknown. Little is known about them except for the fact that they target Sisters, and there are 11 original members. They seem to be bound to the Boss by a promise.

Because the Gazelles are after Kili and Elle, Sui tags along because of her obsession of fighting strong opponents. Until she met Fallan, she had never been defeated. It is also stated that she has never defeated Kili, but only because he always ran away. Her weapon is some crazy looking metal hula hoop.


In their quest to find a bodyguard, the pair is referred to martial arts master Fallan. He refuses, having made a promise with someone in his past to only fight for himself.


However, despite his cold demeanor, Fallan agrees to teach Kili and Elle a method of fighting, Double Arts (oh hey look, it’s the title!). Double Arts is a combination of dancing and a series of coordinated kicks, throws, and turns. Surpassing Fallan’s standards, the duo manages to master it in a couple of days.

Elle designed the clothing

I personally thought this manga had great potential. It doesn’t rush into the characters, and all of them have an enigmatic background.

Elle, unlike most heroines, doesn’t crumble at the first sight of danger. She is willing to sacrifice herself for a chance to change the world. Kili on the other hand, is the exact opposite. For years, he lived life on a whim, without convictions. Whenever Elle threatens to sacrifice herself, Kili becomes angry (hinthintnudgenudge). Together, they make a great pair.

Also, unlike most shounen these days, Double Arts contains NO ECCHI. I know right? Unbelievable! It’s a miracle, it truly is. Being female, I truly appreciate a series that has no ecchi. I really do.

Plus, the plot line progresses slowly but surely. It doesn’t rush directly into the problem. Nonetheless, the story was cut short because of declining popularity, leaving many unanswered questions.
1. Just what where the 4 races of humans???
2. What race is Kili?
3. What is the nature of Troy and why are the Gazelles after Sisters? What is their true objective?
4. Is the promise that the Gazelles are bound by related to the promise Fallan made?
5. Just how old is Fallan?!?
6. How did they cure Troy?
7. WHAT HAPPENED? (did they ever get married? 😦 )

The series ends with Elle writing in her diary, stating that she has written enough of the story for now, and she may write more later. Hopefully this means the mangaka will start it up again (pleaseee?)

One more thing. Near the end, Elle realizes her feelings towards Kili, and to some extent, confesses by saying that she did not want their journey to end. Shortly afterwards, the audience finds out that the real reason why Kili stayed with Elle during the journey wasn’t because he had finally found something worth doing, but because he had fallen in love with Elle at first sight. (that conniving little…) But anyways, SQUEEE~ KilixElraine!! Maybe they’ll have a happy family and have kids with sticky-uppy green hair 😀 (blue+yellow=green)

It’s too bad the manga ended early. I was honestly distraught when it ended. Boo for popularity standards.

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1 Response to “Double Arts Chapters 1-23 [Natural Log]”

  1. 1 Jenny March 6, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    I totaly agree! I luv this manga and was totally looking forward 2 more! But guess wat? Because of the stupid popularity standard thing, the manga got cancel! It is really rare 4 me 2 find a manga I luv so much! I luv the plot and the characters! Damn the popularity standards! I have no idea how Japan work, this manga is totally awesome!

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