Akagami no Shirayukihime Chapter 5 [Natural Log]

Poor Mitsuhide

The tale of Shirayuki continues…

The last update of Akagami no Shirayuhime was around 5 months ago. During that time, I’d practically given up all hope that the series would ever be fully translated…BUT NEVER FEAR! An update is here! (ok, that was really lame.)

To jot anyone’s memory, the last chapter left us all in suspense. Did Shirayuki make it as a Palace Pharmacist? Well, duh. If she didn’t the story wouldn’t be very long, would it?

Shirayuki and another unimportant person are welcomed as new Palace Pharmacists. It so turns out that Shirayuki’s mentor personally chose her. Who is he? He’s this kid.


Waitwaitwaitwaitwait—What? Since when were 12 year olds allowed to become pharmacists?? As much as I’m perplexed, so are the other characters. Obviously, any kid who’s smart enough to be a pharmacist probably isn’t a big people person. Ryuu finds it so awkward around other people, that constantly pretends to look busy when passing other people, kind of like I do at the mall when those sales people try to rub lotion on your hand or file your nail. I pretend to be texting. Same with Ryuu, except well… They didn’t have cell phones, so he pretends to be reading.

Shirayuki, being the attentive person that she is, finds out that Ryuu’s favorite plant is the Yurashigure, a flower that blooms red, but if planted in an unsuitable area, becomes emits a poison. When she asks about it, Ryuu says that he likes it because it can become a poison, and he is interested in poisons. Of course, he’s lying because there’s a blooming yurashigure mounted on his wall. They continue chatting and Shirayuki befriends Ryuu.

As it turns out, nobody really trusts Ryuu, and have the misunderstanding that he experiments on patients. Shirayuki confronts one of these men, and settles the matter once and for all.

In this chapter, Zen and Shirayuki have their own touching moment together~. Basically, it’s just the reason why Zen’s accustomed to poisons (stated in chapter 1). She reads his poison log, and starts to cry, Ryuu tells the prince, prince goes to comfort her. Why did she cry? I have no idea. Maybe she was afraid he would die from taking poisons…

Anyhow, my favorite part of this chapter is when Shirayuki and the troupe (Zen, Kiki, and Mitsuhide) chat on the lawn. Zen is alarmed to find that Shirayuki’s mentor is a “young man,” only to have his alarm quelled by the fact that “young man” was an overstatement. Somebody’s a little jealous~


Oh the beauty of blossoming love~ Hahaha it’s about time the story progressed :P. Too bad Zen is still going around calling himself Shirayuki’s bestfriend.

ZenxShirayuki ftw
LN 🙂
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