Soul Eater Chapter 53 [Cream Puff]

This chapter ends the battle between Kidd, Free and Mosquito.

So I guess Mosquito ended up cutting Kidd’s arm off, and ofcourse the only thing Kidd thinks of is how he is now unsymmetrical. Patty is in Kidd’s hand that is not attached to his body. Mosquito (who is still in his -400 years form) pops up behind Kidd. Mosquito starts talkin’ about Kidd’s sanzu still being incomplete. ‘Whats sanzu?’ you say. All in due time pooky, this is revealed later on in the chapter.

Mosquito blasts Kidd with some lame attack, seriously, Kidd should be dead by now. Liz calls out for Free’s help, but doesn’t recieve an answer. Mosquito starts dissin’ Kidd’s dad (bitch!), Kiddy gets mad. They chat for a couple minutes, and Kidd gets in one of those ‘die stupid bitch, I am justice’ moods.

SO I GUESS BREW JUST DECIDES TO POP OUT OF KIDD? (maybe it didn’t but it did appear in front of him anyways.) Kidd’s soul wavelength begins to swell, goodie. Everyone’s really confused because Brew was supposed to be destroyed.

One of Kidd’s sanzu were connected! Sanzu are the stripes on Kidd’s hair, when they’re complete it appears that the stripe isn’t just on one side, but both. And I guess with sanzu comes some crazy shinigami powers or something, cause he magically reattaches his arm.

Kidd does his ‘stance of punishment’ (?). Mosquito notices Free doing weird movements, but I guess shrugs it off and gets back to ass-kicking (or getting his ass kicked, whatever). Kidd and his girls soul resonance and I guess they lost their kickass huge gun form ;~;. Oh well, now they look kinda different, inscribed with ‘Death Eagle-.42      Death Military Industries’. Liz and Patty are now stronger as well, now being able to shoot 42 soulwidths.

Mosquito now turns into eight thousand bats. Kidd does some mad attack, while Mosquito just does his bat thing, and unfortunately neither were hurt when they exchanged blows.

Turns out when Free was doing weird movements, that was because it was just his projection. Free carried on and destroyed the 8th tower yaahooo. Only 2 towers left, and Mosquito flees to make sure Arachne is protected. Kidd goes after him, and it appears Eibon is happy that Kidd has brew. And then…

Pretty much it for this chapter. I’m sad that this was the end of Kidd’s fight ’cause he’s like the coolest character, but maybe we’ll see some Soul next chapter. I really don’t know where they’re going with this, the plot keeps getting deeper. Oh well, keeps ya hanging anyways.

Yay for a connected sanzu! 9/10

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