Vampire Knight Chapter 43 [Natural Log]

There was no Vampire Knight last month, but was this month’s newest chapter enough to satiate?


Well, this chapter was a 50 page chapter, perhaps to make up for the lack of release last month.

The battle between Yuuki and Rido continues, but out of nowhere comes Zero riding upon brambles. Zero to the rescue! Not. Zero insists on killing Rido himself, pushing Yuuki out of the way. The school is being torn to pieces in the process.

Meanwhile, Kaname is found in who-knows-where, and has summoned the Council. Using his pure-blood powers, he forces them to kill themselves. (eek!)

Back at the school, Kaname and Zero exchange some threats, Shiki and Rima escape, and Yuuki gets Aidou to calm down the girls of the day class. A bunch of scribbly confusing pages pass, and Rido is killed rather anticlimactically.

The scene changes to Kaname, who goes to deal with Takuma’s grandfather, but Takuma takes care of it.

The chapter then ends with on a Zero vs Yuuki note.


Am I satisfied with this chapter? HECK NO! 50 pages of scribbly work and rushed plot just doesn’t cut it for me. The original artwork was already scribbly, but this? Half of the time it’s unclear who’s who and what’s what…

I’ve always suspected Kaname of being a cold blooded killer, but now Zero too?? Also, Yuuki’s character has changed quite a bit too. Is is just me, or does everyone suddenly seem out of character? The only characters that haven’t changed are the ones you see for half a panel like Aidou.

My hopes of ZeroxYuuki are dashed, but KanamexYuuki seems to have flown out the window as well. Where did this sudden resolve to destroy all pure-bloods suddenly pop out from? Didn’t he resolve to protect Yuuki? Good Ol’ Uncle Rido’s dead, so all’s good and well now right? Yet, the way that Rido died just didn’t cut it for me. It was a rather pitiful, rushed death. I mean, come on, he was able to kill Yuuki’s dad! How is it possible that Zero and his rose-gun was able to kill him just like that? And what were his motives? I’m so confused!! Also, Kaname’s killing of the Council seems rather impromptu. Now that ZeroxYuuki and KanamexYuuki is out, it seems like the only pairing left is… AidouxYuuki… please no.

Boo. I really hate this chapter. The mangaka didn’t have to go as far as making Zero and Yuuki fight. That was just too much. If they want to do that, at least spread it out and give a better reason. Too many things happened too quickly, and there are SO MANY LOOSE ENDS!!

Sorry to say folks, it looks like the ending is near, and so far, it’s a big disappointment.

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