Psyren Chapters 3-41 [Natural Log]

It’s been a couple chapters, so what has the gang been up to?

So Ageha, Amamiya, and Hiryuu manage to survive the deserted waste land long enough to get out of there. Immediately afterwards, the two guys get mondo headaches/nosebleeds.

They meet up with Amamiya’s teacher, an alcoholic, world famous pianist, and learn the basics of Psi, Rise, Trance, and Burst. They also learn that Psyren is in fact the world in the future. Nemesis Q is sending them in order to find a way to prevent the outcome.

Through a series of events, they go back to Psyren (with minimal training) and meet up some new comers. Only two of them survive, and those two happen to be the ‘fraidy cat Kabuto, and a movie star, Oboro.

A bunch of things happen, and they meet up with Hiryuu’s long-lost best friend, Tatsuo. Only thing is, he’s been turned into a weird insect-human Tavoo and no longer remembers them. Hiryuu and Ageha reveal their specialties; Hiryuu with a dragon tail-like extension, and Ageha and his Melchelsee’s Door. Ageha’s power goes berserk, but manages to save them. Luckily, Oboro discovers his power of Cure, and fixes heals the injured. Kabuto proves to be useless.

They go back for some serious training (all except for Kabuto who runs off somewhere), and learn how to control their Psi better with the help of some outsiders, and go back. Once in Psyren, they make a startling discovery. Turns out, Kabuto wasn’t completely useless. While the others were training, he was mapping out his Uncle’s bomb shelter, which could supposedly withstand anything. At the shelter, a recording is found. The day that everything fell came on 12/3/2009 by an Organization called W.I.S.E. and their World Rebirth Project. Evidently, they want to turn the world into rubble. Wow, some rebirth that is.

Just as they were making some progress, one of the WISE leaders, Dholaki, finds them and interrogates them. At first they manage to bluff, but when the Dholaki reveals that it’s the end of June 2018, their facade falls apart, and the gang is forced to split up and fight.

Amamiya finally reveals her fighting ability.

that's one scary looking scythe

Hiryuu discovers that Oboro isn’t the Mr. Nice Guy he claims to be.

Kabuto is found to have an acute perception called Vision.


Too bad Chapter 41 ends just as Ageha is releasing his newly polished attack…

At first when I read Psyren, I though, meh, it’s too similar to a lot of series… It’ll flop. But as the series progresses, new plot twists turn up and the characterization goes deeper. Who knew Hiryuu used to be a shrimpy nerdy kid? For now, I have my suspicions on Oboro. He seems like a pretty shifty guy.

Also, in the past couple chapters, the drawings seem to be more defined. Whether this is the work of the scanners or the mangaka, we’ll never know. Either way, Ageha’s turning out to be a pretty cool main character :P. He went from useless protagonist to cool and dependable :D.

Anyhow, I’m betting that if more people read this series, it’d be popular REAL fast. It’s got major potential. We’ll just see how things progress from here 🙂

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