On August 12, 2008, whilst ranting about the latest manga/anime disappointment, Natural Log (LN) and Cream Puff (CP) decided to make their long standing dream come true. And thus, Kuyomi was born.

Kuyomi is a dual-authored blog of various manga, anime, and sometimes manhwa. We give our honest and blunt opinion (no beating around the bush here). If we think a character lacks development, we’ll say it. We don’t care if he’s the hottest guy ever to be drawn and you’re a crazed fangirl/boy, take that elsewhere.

But other than that, we try our best to unveil the best and worst of every series we critique.

Natural Log is your average “easily annoyed by bad series and cliches” person, an avid manga reader, but somewhat lacking in the field of anime.

Cream Puff loves cream puffs and dango, and takes care of the site headers and technical stuff, as well as reviewing.


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