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Note about Volumes and Chapters

Just a random little blurb. If the title of the post contains Chapter, then we got it off of a manga-viewing website or download. If it’s listed as Volume, then we read it from the actual translated graphic novel. 🙂 Hope you enjoy reading our posts, and please…leave comments 😦


Gender issues. . .

I was reading a couple new series listed as gender-bender…
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Blog Status Update!~

LN and CP here!

We’ll be out and about because of our hectic schedules and school work around this time, so bear with us. Recently added are hyperlinks (click on the main pictures) that lead to sites where it’s possible to read the latest chapters of the reviewed series.

In the near future, we will be starting reviews on Anime as well as RPG and MMORPG games.

Comments are welcome. Please. We need them, seriously.

Hello world!

Kuyomi has arisen!

-LN & CP

Welcome to Kuyomi~

This is a manga/anime review blog written by Natural Log and Cream Puff. This is where we express all of our rants and praises, and hope to give you a good idea of whatever series you’re thinking of reading/watching (assuming that we ourselves have seen it). As for the name, it was something Cream Puff thought of on a whim because Kiyomi was taken. Read at your own risk. We might have some spoilers. Enjoy! 🙂