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Note about Volumes and Chapters

Just a random little blurb. If the title of the post contains Chapter, then we got it off of a manga-viewing website or download. If it’s listed as Volume, then we read it from the actual translated graphic novel. 🙂 Hope you enjoy reading our posts, and please…leave comments 😦


One Piece Chapter 514 [Natural Log]

whoa mushroom monster

It’s a mushroom monster!! Is this what happens to everyone who gets touched by Bartholomew Kuma???
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Beauty Pop Vol. 1-8 [Cream Puff]

While the three members of the popular “Scissors Project” are known for giving elaborate makeovers to already-beautiful, hand-picked girls at school, they soon find a rival, Kiri Koshiba, who is willing to give makeovers to anyone, in order to brighten their lives and make them happier with their appearance. (stolen from wiki)

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Bleach Chapter 325 [Natural Log]

hehe bishie
Squeee~ The debut of the totally awesome Lieutenant, Hisagi Shuuhei.
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Naruto Chapter 416 [Natural Log]

Naruto’s safe and well, finishing his sage training, but what’s become of Sasuke?
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Gender issues. . .

I was reading a couple new series listed as gender-bender…
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Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter 25 [Natural Log]

Ehh… More people have come to take Rikuo’s land? It’ll just be the same old same old, right?
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